Young Willow Acacia Pruning Advice

  • Mon, June 05, 2017 7:34 PM
    Message # 4882191
    I have been really happy with the willow acacia I received in the fall of 2015 from the shade tree program. His name is Cousin It. :) Today, I received a notice from my HOA requiring that I prune this tree. I have been reluctant to prune it since it is only 1.5 years old.It is about 8 feet tall and has branches close to the ground, which is in violation of a 4 foot minimum clearance.I know summer is not a good time to prune trees too much, so will ask for an extension. My question is if its safe to prune a 4 feet ground clearance for this young tree? I appreciate any advice! 

    Here is a picture of the willow acacia.

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